“I’m so glad I found Dr. Rubin. Never has a dentist (or any doctor as a matter of fact) made me feel so comfortable than she does. Having a long history of dentistry without anesthesia (I am from Germany) and other horrific experiences, I finally found someone whom I can trust. She has such a sweet and warm way about her, she explains everything what she is doing and talks me through the procedures. Having ‘complicated’ teeth always made me feel ashamed going to the dentist, but with her everything is ‘ok’. I greatly appreciate her holistic experience, her knowledge of natural products and homeopathy. I was excited to get suggestions of what supplements to use, what foods to eat to keep my teeth and gums healthy, or even what to use (and make myself) as a mouthwash! Her work is stellar. I can’t believe I am saying this, but for the first time in my life I am excited to go back to the dentist for the next check-up.”
Elke W.

“Dr. Rubin is absolutely wonderful. There is no dentist like her. She is incredibly knowledgeable, kind and caring. I recently had mercury fillings removed with her and the whole process was much easier than I anticipated — she guided me through every step and did everything she could to minimize any pain or discomfort. The day after the procedure, Naomi from her office called to see how I was doing, a gesture I really appreciated. I have always been afraid of going to the dentist but not any more. I highly recommend Dr. Rubin.”
Vivienne G.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Rubin for over 20 years and wouldn’t go to anyone else. Her approach is caring and proactive. I prefer the proactive approach, and I’ve never felt that she recommended a procedure needlessly. In fact, she always takes the time to fully explain the situation and the remedy. She is also understanding about costs, and will make the effort to give you choices and the expectations of each choice. Dr. Rubin is a caring and truly wonderful dentist. I wouldn’t go to anyone else.”
Dorothy F.

“I have had only good experiences with Dr. Rubin. I feel she truly cares about my dental health and is only aggressive when it comes to optimizing the health of my teeth and gums. She is an activist dentist in that she sees a problem and she sizes it up and discusses options to address it. I first came to Dr. Rubin after a terrible experience with a dentist who put on a very bad cap. She fixed it, and fixed another piece of poor work the guy had done. She was a perfectionist and I appreciated it. If you are looking for quality work and an outstanding doctor I believe Dr. Rubin is your gal. She’s passionate about dentistry and clearly loves her work. She is also a brainy doc, and promotes safe materials (I had all of my mercury removed by her and replaced with white fillings that have held up extremely well for a decade). Quality dental work in Manhattan is not cheap, but a healthy mouth goes a long way to promoting overall health and really matters I believe. Dr. Rubin is your partner in that goal.”
Todd S.

“Thank you so much for taking such good care of my teeth while I was in NYC, Esther. It was always a pleasure to see you. Your gentle, efficient work style took the angst out of going to the dentist for me. Not only are you a good dentist, but you’re also a smart, funny woman with an inquiring mind. I always enjoyed our conversations. I hope I’ll find a dentists out here that I feel as positive about!”

“What’s not to like (and admire) about Dr. Esther Rubin? I required lots of serious work done on my teeth and she was there when I needed compassionate support and the expertise to heal and restore a healthy mouth. And she has continued inspiring the self-care I had not been giving myself. She radiates a gentle confidence which set me at ease from the moment she welcomed me into her pleasant office. Once the examination and work began, her concentration remained keen, from that first day to now, approaching 2 years later. She explains each step along the way, so there are no sudden surprises when a noise or a scraping get a bit more intense. She checks in regularly to see how you are doing, and displays a wonderful (and much-appreciated) sense of humor. Pacing her explanation of pending procedures so that you can comprehend the scope of what needs to be dealt with, she never overwhelms with too much at any time. Every aspect of her office and practice are run professionally. Insurance matters are handled quickly and without complications. Dr. Rubin was trained at Columbia University School of Dentistry where she also teaches. A real passionate practitioner, and a real mensch. I guess that’s the very special quality of Dr. Rubin — excellence with heart. Who could ask for anything more?”
Robert J.

“I first went to Dr Rubin 8 years ago with a SEVERE case of dental phobia. I would put off going to the dentist, and I especially feared molds needed to make caps…as my phobia included the fear of choking. Dr Rubin was extremely kind and patient with me. She explained every procedure before she did it. when it came time to make a mold, she did it in an efficient and fast way, and did not let it drip down my throat as my previous dentist had. All of the work she has done for me has been excellent and I recommend her highly, especially for fearful patients.”
Helene B. – New York City

“I never trusted a dentist until I met Dr. Rubin. Dr. Rubin is thorough. She takes the time with a patient needed to explain everything she is doing or is intending to do. She helps me keep my teeth and gums in good health. As I am a vocalist my teeth (and mouth) are very precious to me.  Thank you Dr. Rubin”
Gabriele T.– Jazz Vocalist

“I am a film and stage actress who relies on a beautiful smile. Dr. Rubin took great pride in her work and strived to make sure I was completely happy with the result. We were partners in collaboration to achieve health teeth and gums. In addition, she succeeded in making every procedure either pain-free or with a minimum of pain. I am so grateful to Dr. Rubin for restoring my beautiful smile. Already, since seeing her I’ve been in two shows. ”
Thank you Dr. Rubin from the bottom of my heart.

“The combination of skills, concern for patient wishes, gentleness and common sense that Dr. Rubin brings to her practice have made her invaluable to me in the many years I have been in her care. Dr. Rubin [She] is remarkably effective in weighing my medical, aesthetic and budgetary concerns when creating a course of treatment.”
Dr. L. S.

“Having neglected-out of sheer terror of dentistry-my teeth for far too long, I presented Dr. Rubin with a mouth full of barely viable, yellowed enamel ridges that were once teeth, Many visits–drilling, filling, scraping, shaping–later I emerged with renewed dentition and a phobia broken. She does good work.”
P. H.

“I found Dr. Rubin back in 2003 when my former dentist retired, and I wish I had found her sooner.  You will not find a more knowledgeable, gentle and caring dentist anywhere in the city.  I could not live without her!”
Kristina A. – Internet engineer & very satisfied patient.
Astoria, Queens.

“Mine was a long and windy path to amalgam removal, leading from Lyme Disease to the discovery of heavy metal toxicity that was bringing on a cluster of auto-immune conditions. When I tested in the “unacceptable” range with high levels of mercury, the prospect of extracting historic fillings from my mouth seemed almost as monumental a task as dredging the Hudson for PCB’s, and my initial plan of action was to balk and delay. And then, serendipitously, I discovered Dr. Rubin. Here was the most upbeat, caring, innovative and virtuosic dentist, whose expertise, gentleness and true concern for her patients’ welfare and comfort made the dreaded removal of the fillings virtually painless and over in two sessions. And what a pleasure to be given homeopathic remedies rather than potentially damaging chemicals. In short, this formerly craven dental patient has turned into a great fan!”

“Before meeting Dr. Rubin, I was very mistrustful of dentists. However, Dr. Rubin was sensitive to my fears and helped dramatically to allay them.”
Linda C.

“I think what i was saying today is that your feedback, Dr. Rubin, is simultaneously scientific, evidence-based, precise/empirical (however one might call this) and yet for me, equally importantly, your advice is motivating and inspiring so that I leave your office with a feeling that I want to and can have a substantial and preventative impact on the health of my teeth and gums. I feel like the apathy or ambivalence (or outright denial!) of taking care of one’s dental health lifts because of your positive attitude toward making small, yet precise changes in one’s behavior.Also I would add that you model that precision, awareness and observation on each visit so that I can feel what it’s like to have less pain in the gums or something like this, from one week to the next, and this noticeable improvement is also motivating.It makes me want to not lose the ground we’ve gained already.Same with having a little calendula and healthy mouthwash at the time of the visit because then it isn’t just “advice” because I’ve experienced how it feels firsthand.”

“Dr Rubin his guided me from frightened irresponsibility to a place of confident and committed understanding of how to take care of my mouth.”
Lisa H.

“Many teeth of mine that otherwise might have been lost have been saved specifically due to Dr. Rubin’s proficiency and expertise. She is extremely gentle, especially with injections. She takes the time to explain the particulars no matter how long it takes.”
Henrietta J.

“Dr. Rubin combines superb technique with the most compassionate “chairside” manner I have ever encountered. One always feels safe and well taken care of by her.”
Richard A.

“Dr Rubin got rid of my bad breath. She first asked me many questions to eliminate most possible causes of bad breath. She then emphasized home care techniques for me to do daily and with deliberation. It took no time at all for me to see improvement!!”
M. Rossi

“I liked the Bach Flower Remedy a lot. Very good conversation. I will try to come back for the rest of my life.”
Catherine L.

“Through Dr. Rubin’s care and guidance I have learned to be responsible and committed to the health of my teeth.”

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