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Making An Emotional Impact Through Dentistry

Creativity, Empathy, Passion “The Cornerstones of Holistic Dentistry with Dr Esther Rubin

Our philosophy of care defines us. On the surface we convert average smiles into exceptional, dazzling, yet natural looking smiles. When you delve deeper you will see this is not because of accidents or miracles. Dr Esther Rubin is a Specialist Dentist possessing a unique, blended approach. She has an enthusiastic interest in all works of art; the integrity of engineering and the empathy in architecture. Dr Rubin is an articulate and creative person and this is evident in all her procedures. Dr Rubin enjoys sculpture and sculpting. She produces this kind of art form in her spare time which gives her an added benefit when custom designing and implementing her patients smiles because she regards and respects the anatomy of teeth as a type of architecture. Her main priority is to work with her patients through their entire treatment making them feel safe, while performing the most cutting edge procedures dentistry has to offer.

Dr Rubin guarantees all of her work and prides herself on patient satisfaction. With her Bio-Compatibility Testing and holistic knowledge, Dr Rubin surpasses regular dentistry to protect her patients in a natural way. Dr. Rubin measures success by the happiness of her clients and genuinely wants her patients to be healthy and live healthy lives.

"The finesse in dentistry comes from patience and consideration of patients’ needs, not just skill and technology.”

Dr Rubin understands healthy bodies start with what enters her patient’s mouths and this fact is something Dr Rubin instills in everyone she treats. After attaining a thorough history from her patients, Dr Rubin encompasses holistic methods to treat patient anxiety if they prefer an alternative treatment plan. By using alternative therapies in combination with traditional dental science, we can ensure our treatments have the least impact on your body. Dr Rubin stresses “prevention over intervention” and offers her patients advice to keep their natural teeth for longer. This education format helps patients avoid unnecessary procedures and performs those that are necessary in the least invasive manner. In essence, less is more. The result, a confident, powerful and potent smile, always. We believe smiles go beyond aesthetics and have a significant psychological and emotional impact.

We love what we do; we love to transform smiles.

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