Patient Comfort


From the warm reception to attentive listening and providing the time necessary for Dr Moses to make a careful diagnosis and treatment plan you will see that Dr Moses’  focus is you.

“The combination of skills, concern for patient wishes, gentleness and common sense that Dr. Moses brings to her practice have made her invaluable to me ”
Dr L.S.

Dr Moses is very comforting from the very start of your introduction. She respects your time and schedule and therefore is attentive to those needs. She understands patients’ concerns and fears; throughout treatment Dr Moses makes efforts to put patients at ease and ensure your comfort and safety.

If you are a nervous patient, there are several methodologies that Dr Moses might employ inclusive of natural remedies for anxiety. We prefer non-invasive treatments that are low impact to your body.

To further ensure that our patients experience a comfortable and relaxing visit we offer the following amenities:

  • Comfort pillows for neck support during treatment
  • Eye pillows to soothe your head during treatment
  • Warm blankets to stay cozy and comfortable throughout
  • Nitrous oxide for patients who feel anxious
  • Very cool relaxing music (ambiently or with headphones)
  • Aromatherapy
  • Hand Holding

If you would like to know more about patient comfort, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Dr Allison Moses is ready to guide you to a lifetime of dental health. For a friendly, warm dental experience with pleasing results performed in complete comfort, book your consultation now.

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