Our patients become aware of the long term implications of extractions, and prefer to keep teeth wherever possible. Extraction is only recommended in cases where the long term prognosis for the tooth, is extremely poor. Occasionally, a tooth may require extraction, as a result of advanced infection or a complex fracture. Normally, there are other procedures that can take place, which retain the original tooth, and restore it to its original glory.

“Many teeth of mine that otherwise might have been lost have been saved specifically due to Dr. Moses’ proficiency and expertise. She is extremely gentle, especially with injections. She takes the time to explain the particulars no matter how long it takes.”
Henrietta J.

In the event of an extraction, it is necessary to clean out the socket extremely well to prevent bacterial infections that might ensue. Dr Rubin utilizes natural supplements to decrease infection, heal the tissue, support the immune system and decrease post-op discomfort.





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