Suggestive Relaxation


Many people have had unpleasant experiences at the dentist. There is absolutely no reason that you need to continue with that fear.

"I first went to Dr Rubin 8 years ago with a SEVERE case of dental phobia. I would put off going to the dentist, and I especially feared molds needed to make caps…as my phobia included the fear of choking. Dr Rubin was extremely kind and patient with me. She explained every procedure before she did it. when it came time to make a mold, she did it in an efficient and fast way, and did not let it drip down my throat as my previous dentist had. All of the work she has done for me has been excellent and I recommend her highly, especially for fearful patients."
Helene B. – New York City

Dr Esther Rubin has the patience and warmth to make the dental experience safer and kinder than what you have had. She utilizes remedies, suggestive relaxation and simple caring to give you the dental experience that you have hoped for. However, should you insist on mild sedation, that too can be arranged in our office.

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