Nitrous Oxide


Nitrous oxide also known as “laughing gas” is an analgesic not an anaesthetic. It changes your perception to pain. For patients that have a difficult time in the dental chair, nitrous may be a way to feel more calm and open to dentistry. It does not put you out nor does it block your awareness; it simply lowers your anxiety.

“Nitrous Oxide keeps you sedated to help you relax you during the treatment. Sedation can make the hours in chair seem like a matter of minutes.”

If treatment is complex or you suffer from anxiety we may look to use nitrous oxide gas as a way of relaxing you to complete the treatment. Nitrous oxide keeps you calm to help you relax during the treatment. Nitrous keeps you in a relaxed state but you are fully aware of everything around you. Upon completion of the work Dr Moses will provide you with 100% oxygen to reverse the effects of the nitrous (laughing gas).




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