Holistic Dentistry


Our patient’s wellbeing is always considered our first priority.

Holistic dentistry is namely about treating the WHOLE individual in a biologically safe manner. When respecting the connection between the oral environs and the rest of the body patients can improve their overall health by maintaining sounder mouths. The stress on PREVENTION through home care, supplements if needed, proper nutrition and regular office visits helps keep the need for dental intervention low.

The Holistic Dentistry approach advocates alternative oral treatments as opposed to the more traditional potentially toxic methods. These treatments use methods, materials and techniques that eliminate the introduction of toxins to the body.

"Here was the most upbeat, caring, innovative and virtuosic dentist, whose expertise, gentleness and true concern for her patients welfare and comfort made the dreaded removal of the fillings virtually painless and over in two sessions."
H. Hanani

There have been many concerns raised about the lack of knowledge on the dangers of dental amalgams and the possible effects they have on sensitive groups. Traditional amalgam (silver) fillings contain a large constituent of mercury; which is one of the most toxic substances in existence. Research shows mercury may leak from amalgam fillings, which can then be absorbed by the body. Exposure to mercury as well as other heavy metals can affect your systemic health. In removing these fillings there is a defined protocol so as to prevent the mercury from infiltrating your body. Not only do I employ this protocol but I recommend immune support so as to draw toxins from your system.
When restoring teeth, there are several choices of nontoxic dental materials available. Composites (also known as bonding), porcelains and gold are all available. In Dr Rubin’s years of experience she has narrowed her material choices to specific materials that she has seen to be universally compatible. There are no known traces of heavy metals or other elements that might affect one’s health. There are circumstances that may require Dr Rubin to do a biocompatibility test* to learn specific materials that will work best in your body. The use of Diamond crown/flow and zirconium are two of the sundry materials that we employ in our practice. Dr Rubin takes the time to explain your condition and give options (ie fillings verses onlays/inlays) to suit your wants and financial situation.
Reducing radiation exposure by up to 90%, digital x-rays are a safer, effective and essential tool for dentists. Digital X-rays enable patients to view their x-rays immediately on-screen while enabling Dr. Rubin to easily spot deep tooth problems such as bone loss, deep decay and root canals.

Supplements are used for various purposes in my practice. (see sections on herbs and homeopathy.)

*When performing biocompatibility tests Dr Rubin takes the time to integrate the results into your treatment plan. This may involve investing in specific materials that suit your results or spending time with research and development departments of the dental manufacturers or labs to acquire the suitable materials.

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