Dental Emergencies

“Dr. Moses combines superb technique with the most compassionate “chairside” manner I have ever encountered. One always feels safe and well taken care of by her.”
Richard A.

Dr Moses provides emergency care 24/7.

She does not hesitate to return your calls during off hours and is comforting even in situations of uncertainty. Her knowledge to make recommendations or suggest treatment in emergency situations is prompt and reassuring.

Dental emergencies include the obvious, a toothache, but also cross the gamut to a loose temporary, tooth fracture or even a “high” bite.

It is of course difficult to predict the timing of a dental emergency however there is always a return call should the time come when you are in need. Dr Moses is committed to your health and welfare when you are in the dental chair or out.

The sooner you visit the dentist, the greater the chance of saving the tooth.If you have a dental emergency, contact us now. Every saved second is precious. Dr Allison Moses is ready to help you.




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