Bio-Compatibility Testing and Choice Materials


Dr Moses works with the latest biocompatible materials in dentistry today. Often times patients might benefit from a biocompatibility test to screen for materials that work safest in your body. This will enable Dr Moses to customize your treatments to your particular needs by using the materials that are best suited for your physiology.

The biocompatibility testing comprises a thorough screening of individual systemic sensitivities to all possible dental materials used throughout the procedures. A blood test can be performed and a customized report will be generated that dictate the available products that are compatible with your immune system. The dental products cover the entire range of materials that go into one’s mouth. Sometimes special products need to be ordered to accommodate your needs. Any work ever performed on you will be in compliance with the results of this immune profile. The end results will give us a comprehensive list of dental materials that are correct and safe to use. Dr Rubin then integrates those materials into your treatment. Biocompatibility is not necessary for everybody. The doctor has the experience to distinguish those patients that would greatly benefit from testing.

“The practice is equipped with the most up to date technology, purposefully designed to create results unsurpassed in precision and quality.”

Dr Moses also uses kinesiology and skin testing to verify compatibility. In light of Dr Moses’ years of experience in this field she has narrowed her choice of routine materials in her office down to those that have historically resulted in “universal compatibility”. Therefore, those who need not be tested receive materials that have been shown to be agreeable to the population at large. Dr Moses is committed to ensuring you keep a healthy mouth and a healthy body.

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