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Bad breath (halitosis) is caused by the presence of oral anaerobic bacteria that produce odorous sulfuric compounds. However, other factors that influence the odor associated with one’s breath and, in fact, the quality of a person’s breath will ultimately depend on a number of different variables. Some of these variables are as follows:

  • Oral bacteria.
  • Conditions which promote the growth of oral bacteria.
  • Not cleaning, or not being able to clean, those areas where oral bacteria reside.
“Dr Rubin got rid of my bad breath. She first asked me many questions to eliminate most possible causes of bad breath. She then emphasized home care techniques for me to do daily and with deliberation. It took no time at all for me to smell improvement!!”
M. Rossi

Bacteria that reside in areas of the mouth that are difficult to access or are simply overlooked will produce waste products that cause a mouth odor. The tongue as well accumulates bacteria contributing to the overall problem.

Bad breath caused by the consumption of certain foods will resolve on its own in a day or so as your body completes the process of breaking down and utilizing, or else excreting, the offending molecules.

Smoking and dry mouth can also contribute to bad breath. Many medical conditions as well as medications have dry mouth side effects.

Dr Rubin understands that persistent bad breath can seriously affect your confidence, your happiness, and your ability to live a happy, carefree life. This is why Dr Rubin is committed to curing the causes of bad breath not just the symptoms. She uses several modalities to eradicate the factors causing the breath issue.

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