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If the eyes are the window to the soul, the smile is one of the soul’s most basic social expressions.

Combining the highest quality treatments to create results beyond your wildest dreams.

The services we provide are precisely geared to achieving the result you desire. The smile you leave with will be engaging and give you the confidence to smile wholeheartedly, knowing you have a striking appearance. Holistic dentistry is based on the idea that the body is one unit, and all parts make up the whole. The mouth can be an indicator and mirror to overall body health and can show early warning signs of chronic degenerative disease. By incorporating a “wholistic” approach (into your treatment plan) you can be assured the benefit in your mouth will also impact your overall health.

We focus on your end goal and create a treatment plan to achieve it. Dr Moses’ treatment plans are an intertwining of her technical expertise, her and your vision of your healthy mouth and body and her commitment to that end. Her gentle and respectful nature lends itself to creating a safe treatment opportunity for you.

The range of services is broad.

Our treatments include:

“The finesse in dentistry comes from patience and consideration of patients’ needs not just skill and technology”

Through her ongoing teaching at Columbia University College Of Dental Medicine and her busy practice, Dr Moses has worked with many patients who have felt overwhelmed with their dental situation. Dr Moses only uses safe, non-toxic material and will customise a treatment plan that is affordable and pain free. In recognizing patients’ histories, concerns and needs, natural dentistry creates a comprehensive treatment plan attuned to individual lifestyles.

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